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Tadegar / May 11, 2015
Once a year, we here in Course of the Ring like to show our appreciation to Lord Elrond by herding many chickens up to Rivendell and setting them free in his front yard. We hope you will join us for this dangerous, exciting, and messy adventure!

Our major chicken run event for the Week 3 distinction track assignment will be held on Saturday, 16 May at 1:30pm servertime. If you will not be able to make it at this time, please let Tadegar, Celge, or another officer know so we can make arrangements for additional chicken runs.

Important Information: Participating in the Chicken Run to Rivendell requires that you first complete a small series of chicken play quests. These quests can take an hour or more to complete and they must be finished before you will be able to run to Rivendell as a chicken, so get started now! Our friends from Courserrim on Landroval have shared their handy guide to chicken play with us.

Chicken Run Basics: How to get ready for Saturday's event.

Mother Hen's Chicken Guide: an in-depth guide to Chicken play.

And as always, if you need any help at all, don't be shy -- ask in Coursera chat or send a message to an officer. Have a fun week!

Escorts needed! If you have a level 40+ who would like to help escort chickens to Rivendell (either during the big event or other times), please send a message to Tadegar!
Tadegar / Apr 22, 2015
We're thrilled to welcome our third annual Coursera class to Laurelin!

In addition to the course forums on Coursera, please check here regularly for announcements, updates, and information on scheduled events. You don't need to join if you'd prefer not to -- all major announcements will be publicly visible -- but all are welcome to sign up and join in on kinship discussion on our forums. Come on in and introduce yourself! We'd love to have your help and input.

Take a look at Course of the Ring's other online resources including our Facebook page and Laurelin Archives profile here.

Thanks for joining us, and see you in-game soon!

Tadegar, Kinship Leader
Celge Evensong / Feb 03, 2015
I set up a Facebook page for our kinship.

Click here for the Course of the Ring on Facebook!

Feel free to visit the page and post stuff.

You can also send me Screenshots so that I can add them to the photo albums (I would appreciate the original screenshots of the ones I've already posted - I had to take them from the forum here and they have reduced quality).

If you are interested in posting as Admin, let me know! You don't have to post stuff regularly, just once in a while some screenshots or other information.

Click here for the internal discussion concerning our Facebook page.



Celge Evensong, Officer and event organisor
Celge Evensong / Jan 27, 2015
Check out our new kinship advertisement banners!

Their measurements match the bottom banners for advertisment on the Laurelin Archives.

To add a banner to your Laurelin profile go to
My Profile --> Create Content --> Advertisement
then fill out the form and attach your chosen banner.

For the mouseover effect I typed in "Join us today!" and added the link to our kinship site.

And for those who have not found the way to the Laurelin Archives and sign up with our kinship, I recommend to do it and also create content (Screenshots, stories, works you have created for the Coursera course, etc.).

I have also added the new sections "Screenshots" and "Videos" to our forum - there you can share screenshots and videos that were uploaded somewhere else (e.g. on the Laurelin Archives, Youtube, etc.). This will help to keep the amount of used space on a reasonable level on here.


Celge Evensong, Officer and Event Manager
Amaredel / Jan 01, 2015
Hi everyone

I have been very busy over the Christmas period and just dropped in today. It has been great to see all the pictures of your Yuletide events. However I do need to warn you that we are nearly at our limit for pictures. Today the message read - 100 MB of 100 MB (99.37%).

Have a look at your pictures and if you have a lot of the same thing then just keep your favorite ones.

Of course we will eventually replace Chicken run and Weathertop pics with new new ones. For event though we need to limit the number also so that we can see a spread of events throughout the year.

Happy New Year to all of you.