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We are recruiting!

Celge Evensong / Jan 27, 2017
Dear visitor,

welcome to our kinship website! We are glad that you have found the way to us!

Course of the Ring is a small kinship that accompanies the Coursera literature course on Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring. Our team of in-game mentors (Amaredel and Celge) and Community-TAs (Celge) will help you through the course content and its assignments. We are backed up by a team of lovely helpers who will also be there for you. We welcome players of all levels and races. Age and location in real life do not matter. However, in order to successfully complete the course, you need to understand English.

Additionally, we recruit regular players who want to participate in social events and help course participants to complete the assignments. Moreover, we want to expand the kinship and translate it into a regular and active one that goes beyond the original purpose. We have a kinship house and several kin houses that offer additional vault space in Butterbottle, Shire. Please have a look at our map. Feel free to visit us there. Make sure to follow us on Facebook too.

Role playing is not obligatory in our channels. If you want to meet us for a chat, join the channel coursera. We are looking forward to meeting you!

The new course starts 3 April 2017.

Celge Evensong
- Kinship Leader -


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