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Great Barrows

Celge Evensong / Jul 12, 2016
There were no enrollments, so we won't do the run.

If anyone wants to accompany my Minstrel in other Barrow runs (I still need them too), we can go together when my exam is iver. I'm writing it next week Saturday (27th). Afterwards I will be free (so to speak).

Dear all,

we will have a Thadúr run only by enrollment on Friday night 2 pm server time (7 BST, 8 CEST).

Please sign up with me via Coursera course forum, thanks.

It will be announced here on the news by Friday morning if the Thadúr run happens.



Sadly I was busy at the weekend and missed the Weathertop run (just as the course, I just did the quiz without the videos, good that I remember Farie Qveene quite well 😊 ).
Saw on the forums the enrollment part... don't know what to say. Nobody's on the Honor track maybe? Or just lazy for showing up? (unlikely, since they will have questions about it for the assingment) Or simply they're on the US servers?

I will work till late tomorrow, but if everything goes well I may be able to join for some tasty Barrow-Brie at around 3pm servertime. In case someone misses the 2pm run... :D
I logged in at around 3pm, and nobody was there... Then checked the forum and saw the update.
Strange, maybe they're not on the extra course with assingments, and just doing the quizzes? They're missing the best part of the remediation, the in-game version.
It has been disappointing all round this session. Both from activities on the forum and activities in the game. We had 2 new recruits - one left us and the other played on all four servers and so I guess found one that she found more to her taste.
I am away on holiday from now until mid august.

Have a good summer.
We actually had three participants. One left the kinship and the other two just disappeared after the kinship games. I remember that we moved the chicken run for Dobben so that s/he can join us, but then s/he never showed up or left any note whatsoever. I have no idea what happened.

I wish you a great vacation, Ama. I'll still ne around until September. I'm writing my exam next week Saturday. Afterwards, I have to write a term paper about Kate Chopin's The Awakening. Then I'll work on my BA thesis. I'll be in England in September.
An another reason could be (and I've mentioned it as well in the beginning, just forgot since then :) ), Weatherstock will be this weekend. That is a huge and iconic event, maybe students joined Landroval thinking "if I need a character here for seeing the concerts anyways, I will play the course here as well".
Laurelin has very nice and large events too, but we can't compete with Weatherstock... even the gamers outside LotRO know about Weatherstock, it used to be in the gaming news simply due to the size and the stream coverage.

Have a great summer, Ama! And good luck with the exams Celge - or "break a leg" like with actors? Not sure, we used to say good luck for school part...
Haven't red the Awakening so far, from that early-1900s period of US I prefer Howard :) (but of course I'm just a hobby reader, I'm more of an IT guy)
Weatherstock was awesome, the Laurelin bands were owned the stage!

And I must say, the coursera channel was very active too... so it's a very real possibility what I thought, many students went on Landroval (can't say for sure, of course, that they went there for Weatherstock, it's only a guess).
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