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Kinship Games

Celge Evensong / Jun 20, 2016
Dear all,

this week we will be hosting our popular kinship games!

We will have spectacular rewards for the following contests:

1. Quiz (questions about and around Middle-Earth, Tolkien, and the Lord of the Rings!

2. Costume contest (please contact me if you want to add costumes to your wardrobe)

3. The former tagging Tad game will be a tagging Celge game this year I guess. (Basically it is hide and seek - I will hide and you will seek)

We will meet at the kinship neigbourhood public festival stage on Sunday, 26 June 2016 at 2 pm server time (7 pm BST, 8 pm CEST).

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We usually end up drunk and spoiled at the Prancing Pony.



Really sorry I didn't make it. I was out on a walk with work colleagues to a beautiful part of Yorkshire and we didn't get back until 8pm UK time :(
Same here, and I don't even have a profound reason of nice walk... simply it was work...
Hopefully at the current weekend I'll be free. I think week 3 is the chicken run?
There were plenty of us if we count the Aza band individually :)

Seriously we had a good evening even though we had one person quit. A misunderstanding over the reason for the gathering. For some reason she thought we would be doing instances together. She doesn't like social interaction and so left the kinship. Can't please everyone! :)

Hope to see you on Friday for the Chicken run.
It was great seeing people's houses, stuffed fish, swan fountains, etc. Made me think of getting a house, maybe, one day!

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