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Course Launch Delayed a Week!

Celge Evensong / Jun 05, 2016
Dear all,

I got an e-mail from Professor Clayton, who says that the course launch will be delayed for a week.

The course registration should be open now but he decided to postpone the beginning of class until Monday, June 13.

I hope to see you all in game then!


Edit: Course is open for registration now!
There are currently two different courses on Coursera and only one leads to the new platform.

Click here for registration!


The course registration site, in case you're have trouble, is
A free-to-play course, for a free-to-play game :D (just joking, of course)

On a more serious tone, the course start is very fortunate this time, since the Spring fest just started yesterday. Meaning, new coursers can right away learn the dances, for the roleplay and event fun, plus they can grab a free horse as well, for the much easier travelling around the game later.
(true, they still need to unlock the riding skill for 95 TP)

A summary about it from last time: Spring fest
I would like to share this forum entry with you. I started a listing with all kinds of events in LOTRO.
The corresponding links to the wiki entries are also there.
Have fun digging in :D

The course is now open to Preview.
It appears free participants can only watch the videos, but cannot take the quizzes and the assingments, they have small locks on them :)

Celge, can you keep the Events during the Course thread updated, as the course go? Most likely the assingments will be the same we had last time, but if there's a new one, "honorless" coursers won't see it.
(I liked the Standard and Distinction tracks more... but since I'm just a freeloader this time, I wouldn't have the Honor anyways :D )
I'm just tested the course (just like I tested the f2p part of LotRO two courses ago 😉 ) and it's quite limited. I hope lot of students will pay for it, because the free part has no "urge" for joining us in-game, whatsoever... (both the normal, and the Honor assignments are behind the purchase)

The discussion part is partly limited too, you made a great introduction post, I upvoted it, but because of the freebie status (I think) neither the View count, nor the +1 count increased. It's quite annoying, I wanna babble on the forums there, we had so many nice conversations :D I almost impulse-purchased it just for the forums... Didn't, at the end, but almost.

I skipped paying this year's course because I couldn't organise enough vacation / free time for this summer in the short notice, so I won't be as active in the following weeks as I was during the previous courses. Will try to log in for the main activities though.
I was going to ask how the free part of the course compares to last year, seems a bit of a downgrade :(
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