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New Course coming up!

Celge Evensong / Apr 25, 2016
Dear all,

I would like to announce with great excitement that a new course is coming up in June!

When I woke up this morning I found an e-mail from Prof. Clayton announcing Session 4, launching June 6th!

Coursera has revamped its plattform and the courses will run continuously!

If you want to join our team as In-game mentors, please drop me a line at and I will forward a list to Prof Clayton.
Please note your in-game Character name and level, if you have participated in the course before and maybe one or two lines who you are in real life.

The qualifications needed to join the mentor team are:

- Completed session 1 with a strong record
- Continued playing LOTRO regularly since the end of the last course
- Active member of a kinship
- Positive, encouraging, open-minded toward others

I am looking forward to your participation!

Best regards,

Celge Evensong~


Great news Celge.

I will certainly return to help in game.
Grand news! Can't wait to run the course again.

I can only sign up as a honorary shirrif (mentor), because I only good for two of the points :) I'm not that frequent in game lately (especially after the server transfers), and when I do, I just rarely play with Ser.
If there's a course I focus on that obviously, but if there will be a continuous course, similar to a couple other courses on Coursera, we need players as mentors who play mainly there, on Laurelin... and I can't promise that in good faith. (I'm also playing Secret World, and switching between the two)

I can however log in at least once in a month, keeping up the house, playing during the events - that's how I rolled since the last course, I can keep that up nicely besides my other gaming. And I can play actively during the first rush in June, I bet it will be fun :)
I will participate again as In-game Mentor and I also applied as Community TA. Now let's wait and see if I will be accepted.

I will be online of course and I would also like to get the Facebook page going again. I could need some help with it though. I scheduled my BA Thesis for next year spring time, which means that I will start my research pretty soon. I will have a talk with the person I would like to have my Thesis reviewed and graded. So my time will be quite busy but I will schedule three evenings per week to be online, one additional evening optional on weekends and two afternoons/mornings, when I can pop in.
It is already clear that I will be online monday and wednesday evenings.
Woot wooot!
I will help whenever I can.
And I would like to donate about a 1000 fireworks as prizes ;-)
(with the server migrations I now have a lot of items on Laurelin hehe)

Hmm better start practising with the Azaband......................
Great news! Hope I can take part, I have a feeling at least some of the time may be when I am away.
Ah! I didn't get that news! Wonderful! Well I'll be seeing you all around then.
Howdy Tad! /wave

One more month and it's coursing time :) Now after all the transfers the lower region areas will be much more populated, meaning easier group finds for all the assignments, and new students will meet a lot more people during their play.
Haven't seen a Weatherstock announcement yet, but if the course will last till the second half of July, there's a chance they will even see it as well! A very well timed start of playing LotRO :)

Any news about the course itself? I check the Coursera page every couple days, but so far it isn't displaying the new course yet.
There is no sign yet on the coursera platform. I'm just browsing the site.
Hello everyone - Hi Tad, glad to hear from you - how is being a parent?
I can see last year's course on the Coursera platform but not this year's.
I am playing on Laurelin again to get used to playing with them again and pay up my rent etc :)
Apparently Coursera now only allows registration 1 week before courses now. A little short and could effect numbers. This is third hand so I'm not sure how reliable it is.