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Happy New Year!

Celge Evensong / Jan 10, 2016
Dear all,

I hope you had a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

2016 will bring along some changes.

First of all we are all affected by the server merging. Many "new" players will be on Laurelin, which gives us a chance to recruit new members to our kinship.
I am still interested in setting up more events that involve external people, like deed nights, raid nights, fellowship marathon, etc. and, of course, RP events and concerts at ours or Aza's kinship house. I would also team up with other kinships to do this.

I started a new series on our Facebook site called "Friday-sneak". Once a week one feature of the game should be introduced in a little article. Only a few words, a picture and further links should be provided. If anyone of wants to contribute content, please let me know! I will start a list with topics so that we don't publish the same contents over and over again. If this develops in a promising way, I will set up a blog for a more "professional" appearance of our articles.

Finally, we hope that 2016 also brings along a new Coursera course. We are looking forward to it and we are prepared. ;)

- Celge~


Hello Celge
I am still waiting on a reply from Tad. I sent a PM. I don't know if notifications are sent to email accounts with a PM.
I can see you are working very hard to keep this site and the facebook page up to date. It would be great to see the Kin expand so that there is more company. I am logging on to Laurelin less and less as I am involved more with another server now.
My vaults in the two houses are still open to kin members and I keep up the rent.
Looking at the list of members for both the site and the Kinship on LOTRO there are many that haven't connected for over a year. A sweep might be in order. Again I would not like to make that sort of decision without Tad.

Hope to catch you in game :)
Hi Ama,

thanks for your answer. I am currently working on a seminar paper in literature that is due 1st March and then I have to work on another seminar paper in history for 1st April. I am quite busy that is why I'm not online so much.

Yes - it must be hard work for you. It shouldn't be a one man band and you have done so much. Best wishes with your papers.
Hi all. I have reluctantly left the Course of the Ring kin to join another. I decided I needed one that played more group content. Thanks for help and involvement up till now. i hope to still see you in game. Good luck :)
I understand that Raceth. It is pretty lonely in this kin when there is no course. Best wishes with your new Kin and maybe I will see you in game :)
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