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Finding friends

Amaredel / Dec 30, 2015
Hello everyone

This year was a difficult one and busy one for me. I didn't find the time to play until October. Then Paris happened and I was off again until mid November. I didn't lose anyone close to me but it was a very upsetting time. Since then I have been on a few times but I rarely find anyone else either in the Kin or Coursera.

Two days ago I 'bumped into' someone who started during this year's Course. He had seen Celge two days previously but was pretty lonely. I must admit that I find it pretty lonely too. I am not a very frequent player of late and I know that many in this kin only play when Coursera is running. Others have busy lives and family commitments.

There lies the issue. If no-one is playing then people get lonely and move away. Then there is less chance to have someone to chat to or play with. It is a circle. Like many of you I can't commit to playing all the time and we all have RL.

What do you think the answer is? Are any of you in other kinships that are more active? Maybe we could associate with them. Do any of you have friends or groups that you play with that we can be in touch with? Is there another channel where us stragglers could meet like minded players?

Anyway. I hope you all had a great Christmas and enjoyed the festivities. I wish you all the very best for the New Year and for a great 2016.

Hope to see you IG some time.



Hi Ama,

it is strange to put this into the news section :D We should move it to the kinship discussions.

Anyway, I would like to recruit but nobody seems to be interested. Now that servers moved together it would be our chance.

Hello Celge

Nice to see you here and I hope you are well. By all means move the message, I don't know how to move messages.

I am not sure that no one is interested in recruiting but this is a specific Kinship for a specific purpose, primarily the course. When the course is running Tad, Seratil and Aza etc are present. There are very few players outside those times. You and I among others play when there is no course running.

The only way to attract new members is to have an active Kin and to have an active Kin means more members. Is this the road we wish to take or do we wish to reserve this Kin for the Course? This is why I asked if anyone here was part of a more active Kin. We can always be in touch on the Coursera channel for those events.

It would be nice to hear other's opinions.

Best wishes

I definitely wish for Course of the Ring to recruit and become active outside the course and still provide for course members with the infrastructure we can supply (and even in a better quality than with only a handful lower levelled alts).
I am online every day, but I mostly play in my own little universe: that's my way of playing.
For me the kin is really associated with the course: whenever there is a course I will be there!
I do like to chat via the channel and meet peoples to, but that's not my main activity ;-)
So I focus on the course activities when they are there.

Thanks for your input Azakah.
I think there are others who also see the Kin associated with the course. I would be interested to know Tad's opinion. As our Kin leader his opinion is vital.

What do you do, Azakah, when you need a group to do a quest? Just out of interest.
Merry Yule and hobbity new year :)
I'm guilty in the situation as well, I was only occasionally in LotRO in the last few months, both on my main and on Ser... but I check the kin site every week even when I'm occupied in other games, Celge does a great job with the updates!

The transfers offer a good chance indeed, lots of players arrived to Laurelin lately. Many of them with a whole kinship (just like Rana or Aza) but others are seeking kinship hopefully. Sadly we're more active during course times... and sadly I don't really have valuable answers to your questions. I'm not in a kin with my main, and mostly everyone I started with already moved on, so not much friends in-game either.
Transfers have some part of it, a few of them don't bother even to transfer away, just moved on. Lazy basterds :D

And I'm too like Aza, "I focus on the course activities when they are there.". During those 2-3 months I play LotRO exclusively, and towards the end I already miss my other games very much... My regular gamestyle is not guild- or kin-friendly, that's why I used to join only casual ones :) Since I'm usually playing 2-3 games at a time, and being a useful member of a guild or kin takes much more focus...
That's why I'm coursing like I used to, be actively in-game during a course, and between courses I check the forums, join the events if there's one, and log in occasionally for paying the upkeep of the house.
Heck, this year I even skipped the Bilbo Burrow and the Frostbluff festival too :I (and not only on Ser, on my main as well, just logged in, grabbed the new outfit, and that was it)
Hello Sera and lovely to see you again :)
Merry Yule and New year to you too and of course to everyone else.

You are right, Celge does a fantastic job with all the updates and posting all the events. I have been incredibly lax in doing anything for the Kin for a long time. We would fall apart if not for Celge.
What do I do when I need group to quest?
I skip the quest hehe: LOTRO these days is veeeeery soloable, if there are group quests I tend to wait a few levels and try to solo them.
I don't raid so no problems there
OK - thanks for the response. That sounds like a plan ;)
Hey :) Wondering if it was me you were meaning in the original post - my alt when I signed up here (for Laurelin courser) was called Ranatuor but now had to be renamed to Naddaor - main reason being I was from Gilrain (where I have 15+ alts) with my first character there is called Ranatuor but this was before any talk of server closures so I created a Ranatuor on Laurelin too. The name clash meant Laurelin Rana had to be changed.

Anyways, it wouldn't for me personally be so much about me being lonely (have talked to Celge) because atm I am in a kin who came over with me from Gilrain and I am active in world chat, but I can see how it could be for people who are in the kin and also any new people joining the kin. On all alts now I have added the Coursera channel and have it on all the time, so I can join in with you guys, and over last week or so have chatted quite a bit with people who helped on the course and also those who did the course in the 2015. So, I'll definitely be more involved, it just took time to settle in to the server after the move. I am quite an active player and I am happy to help kinnies from both kins I am in (Naddaor is still in Cousera and will stay in there, to help with next run).

Will think more on this. Right now I am in the process of setting up a personal kin house and have bought all the home crafting stations. I am happy for anyone in this kin to use the facilities (including using the daily ingredients box - you get 3 per day, bound to your account) and hold crafting sessions with people - I have all crafts covered, some more fully than others.

Finally, tomorrow, as in Sunday, I am running a small event to make a toast to JRR Tolkien on his 124th Birthday, details here -

I'll write more when I get chance.

Hello there
Yes it was you. I met you with both Ama and Brahmi. I will look out for you more on the coursera network. I am sorry but I will have to miss the event although may pop by later.

Is this an opportunity to have an alliance with another Kin? What do people think of this as a way of having more high level players at hand?

Crafting stations at home was a nice addition to the game indeed, even if a bit pricey.
Your birthday event sounds great, unfortunately I'll have to work tonight... pat Dwale on the back for me too, he's a cheerful fellow :)
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