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Weatherstock Chat Channel

Tadegar / Jul 20, 2015
If you're joining us for Weatherstock next weekend, don't forget to join our Landroval chat channel so we can get in touch on a new server where many of us will also have new names. After we get our bearings, we may switch to the larger Coursera or Laurelin channels on Landroval, but initially this will help us find each other.

/joinchannel COTR


Indeed, tomorrow (Friday) the lead-in concerts in Bree, and on Saturday (25th, two more days) the main event on Weathertop.

Not to mention, the Summer festival was switched on yesterday, so there's an opportunity for cheap festival horses :) And also new, low-level players won't miss the hobbit above Michel Delving, with some short errands you can barter some neat lvl10 helmets (or a pet bunny) from the reward.

See ya on COTR channel :) (but there's a coursera channel too, I don't think they'll be angry if you use that, we're all classmates...) There's the Ales and Tales channel too, that's the organiser Band's channel.
Pity I can't make it. I just finished summer term exams on thursday and I have a lot of work to do that hasn't been done the past few weeks.
But I will come online for playing again soon.
Oh, what you missed... it was a huge event!

Congratulations to the classmates on Landroval, the lag was so nicely remediated ( :) ) that the Remediators won not only the audience's vote but the Lonely Mountain Band Cup too!

The second places (on both voting) were rolled back home to Laurelin in a keg, by the dwarves of Rolling Keg :)

Poor Meisterbarden von Bree reached 3rd place, their performance was trolled into pieces sadly, with two server crashes... (the other 3rd place went to Starlight)

The other bands were great too, I loved the metal from Da Bugans :)
Concert-goers, check back to Landroval, the title codes were posted and most likely sitting in your mailbox.
I've just applied mine, all my Seras are now Weatherstock Wayfarer :) (though I left Snow Beast on Serattil, fits better for the outfit)
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