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The Great Big Chicken Run, 16 May @ 1:30pm /servertime

Tadegar / May 11, 2015
Once a year, we here in Course of the Ring like to show our appreciation to Lord Elrond by herding many chickens up to Rivendell and setting them free in his front yard. We hope you will join us for this dangerous, exciting, and messy adventure!

Our major chicken run event for the Week 3 distinction track assignment will be held on Saturday, 16 May at 1:30pm servertime. If you will not be able to make it at this time, please let Tadegar, Celge, or another officer know so we can make arrangements for additional chicken runs.

Important Information: Participating in the Chicken Run to Rivendell requires that you first complete a small series of chicken play quests. These quests can take an hour or more to complete and they must be finished before you will be able to run to Rivendell as a chicken, so get started now! Our friends from Courserrim on Landroval have shared their handy guide to chicken play with us.

Chicken Run Basics: How to get ready for Saturday's event.

Mother Hen's Chicken Guide: an in-depth guide to Chicken play.

And as always, if you need any help at all, don't be shy -- ask in Coursera chat or send a message to an officer. Have a fun week!

Escorts needed! If you have a level 40+ who would like to help escort chickens to Rivendell (either during the big event or other times), please send a message to Tadegar!


Some shameless self-advert: (heh-heh)

here's the thread from the previous course, with an over-detailed, step-by-step intro to the life of a chicken (and some screenshots too, with chickens against goblinses :) )
I will be in Scotland until next Wednesday so will not be around, but I can always do the chicken run on my other server rather than have to arrange another one just for me.
No worries, you have plenty of time - or at least I think (hopefully a TA will correct me if I'm wrong)

Chicken run is just a "smaller" assignment, I think you only need to acknowledge at the end of the week's quiz (or maybe at the end of the next weeks's "bigger" assignment about Weathertop) that you participated in a chicken run, and you need to post a screenshot. The deadline is somewhere at the end of May, I think, so if you're doing it next week, it's still fine.

And since it's only an hour (plus there's no requirements for reaching Rivendell, just to play as a chicken and make some screenshots), I'm sure anyone in-game can help you with it next week too.

(I ran it several times at the last course as a chicken, but now I could be escort too since I hit lvl40 :) for example Elwaii was busy on the weekend as well , we did a duo attempt a day before - sadly ended up in a bear's belly...)
Master Tadegar,

Know that you have an alliance in the Northern Garrison. I am honoured to lead the sentries of my company in escorting your kin in this delivery. Given the sudden nature of this urgent request, we may only be able to provide a small company - perhaps 4-8 of our finest warriors - but I can assure you that they are very disciplined and very powerful. You have our promise that we will neutralize any challenges that this journey may face.

Be well,

Kristjon Eiriksson, Lord Commander
Sentries of the Northern Garrison

The Azaband is waiting for the chickens to arrive!
Here's hoping there will be scheduled stops at sort-of-safe places along the way. In particular (and if I make it that far) I'd like a brief stop at the Ford of Bruinen (the middle of the ford should be safe enough) with enough time to makee nicee screenie.
The Great Big Chicken Run 2015 was GRAND!
3 casualties, but most of the chickens made it safe to Rivendell.
Special thanks to our friends of the Northern Garrison for getting them there.

Please send your best screenshots to so we can put them in our events-albums here and on Facebook.
I made tons of shots, though most of them just on-the-fly ( :P ) I tapped on PrtScr frequently... but there's a few nice one.
The kin page is pretty loaded (10% free space left) so I thought I leave that space for our new members to contribute - it's still unfair to them since those 90% was filled by pictures from us ;) I'll upload externally instead.

First batch, The Flight of Tinnulasiel
Within the first line at the Brandywine Bridge
Checking the mailbox at the Forsaken Inn
Watching the sunrise from the Last Bridge
Bitten near Rivendell by an evil stealthed lynx...
Further to what Serratid said above it appears there's a ton of images from previous years here, which is what takes up most of the space. Perhaps it's time for a Spring Clean?

How's that for going off topic?
Thanx Seratil!
Posted them on the Facebookpage:

Keep them coming all!
The better scenic (a.k.a. without nametag) ones:
A nice crowd gathered for the fun, Azaband and the escorts in the back
Running through Lone-lands (nice cloak :) )
Rest stop on the Last Bridge
Chillin' on the Homely Porch

(seems it's your favourite spot Aza, you stood on the very same spot last year too...)