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Welcome New Students!

Tadegar / Apr 22, 2015
We're thrilled to welcome our third annual Coursera class to Laurelin!

In addition to the course forums on Coursera, please check here regularly for announcements, updates, and information on scheduled events. You don't need to join if you'd prefer not to -- all major announcements will be publicly visible -- but all are welcome to sign up and join in on kinship discussion on our forums. Come on in and introduce yourself! We'd love to have your help and input.

Take a look at Course of the Ring's other online resources including our Facebook page and Laurelin Archives profile here.

Thanks for joining us, and see you in-game soon!

Tadegar, Kinship Leader


Welcome all.
Sorry I am not around on line much. RL gets in the way of all my fun :)
Same as many of us, I'm sure!
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