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New Course coming up April 27, 2015

Celge Evensong / Mar 16, 2015
Dear all,

there is a new course coming up April 27, 2015.

For kinship members: Please check out this thread.

For new members / course participants: Welcome to our kinship! Please check out this forum to introduce yourself.
Please check here for online resources (our Facebook Page, Laurelin Archive Profile, etc.).

- Celge Evensong, Officer and Event Organisor


You beat me to it by a minute ;)
I've heard the news last week on Facebook but I could not post it earlier because my new baby nephew was born on Friday so I travelled there for the weekend. 3(
Woo hoo! Just got the email today. Guess it's time to prepare!
Good news!
But I'm afraid the timing is very bad for me: I get the keys of my new house on april 30................
Lots of things to arrange, like internet and stuff pfffff

I will do my best to participate in the events, but I cannot give garanties this time ........

Forgive me Mozart for I have sinned! (and I liked it!)
Bad timing for me too.
I had cleared January well in advance which was why I volunteered. April is only a couple of weeks away and I have no idea how much time I can dedicate.

I also will do my best but cannot promise. It is a shame we were not alerted further in advance.

I am glad you liked it Aza - the sinning that is.
I have signed up for the course. I don't know if I have been accepted to help out or not.
I wrote to Prof. about a week ago and told him how we've been getting along, and that we have at least three people who want to help in an official capacity. I haven't heard back from him, but I'm sure everything will be worked out as we get closer to the course.
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