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Advertisement Banners

Celge Evensong / Jan 27, 2015
Check out our new kinship advertisement banners!

Their measurements match the bottom banners for advertisment on the Laurelin Archives.

To add a banner to your Laurelin profile go to
My Profile --> Create Content --> Advertisement
then fill out the form and attach your chosen banner.

For the mouseover effect I typed in "Join us today!" and added the link to our kinship site.

And for those who have not found the way to the Laurelin Archives and sign up with our kinship, I recommend to do it and also create content (Screenshots, stories, works you have created for the Coursera course, etc.).

I have also added the new sections "Screenshots" and "Videos" to our forum - there you can share screenshots and videos that were uploaded somewhere else (e.g. on the Laurelin Archives, Youtube, etc.). This will help to keep the amount of used space on a reasonable level on here.


Celge Evensong, Officer and Event Manager


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