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Here is the current events schedule. Please note that events and their start and stop times can change.

ALL TIMES EASTERN. Click here for a time zone conversion tool from

Event: Start Time: End Time:
  • Hobnanigans 1/5/17@10am 1/9/17@3am
  • 25% Skirmirsh Mark 1/12/17@10am 1/17/17@3am
  • 25% Crafting XP 1/26/17@10am 1/30/17@3am
  • Hobnanigans 2/2/17@10am 2/6/17@3am
  • 25% XP Boost 2/9/17@10am 2/13/17@3am
  • Yule Festival Encore 2/15/17@10am 2/23/17@3am
  • Lootbox Drop rate increase 2/23/17@10am 2/27/27@3am
  • Hobnanigans 3/2/17@10am 3/6/17@3am
  • Buried Treasure Event 3/9/17@10am 3/13/17@3am
  • Spring Festival 3/22/17@10am 4/3/17@3am
  • Hobnanigans 4/6/17@10am 4/10/17@3am
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