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I've been gathering information, interviews, previews, etc about anything to do with where LOTRO is heading, thought I'd share it here :)

These all focus on the transition from Turbine to SSG and also what to look forward to in 2017 and beyond.


Dadi's LOTRO Guides interview

Following was discussed -
  • February – U19.3
  • March – U20
  • April – LOTRO’s 10th Anniversary Celebration
  • Summer/Fall – X-PAC (Mordor)


MMO Reporter interview


Massively Online Play interview


MMORPG interview

LOTRO’s 10th anniversary – April
Lord of the Rings Online launched on April 24, 2007

  • New event, “fun centerpiece”, complement festival
  • Giving out free in-game items
  • Twitch channel
  • Day-long livestream - interviews, videos, and a look back at a decade of Lord of the Rings Online!

Update 20 – around anniversary
  • New region – Wastes – “Players will adventure through the bleak Noman Lands, face danger in Dagorlad, and travel to Mordor’s very Slag Hills.”
  • Battle at the Black Gate – “which is Lord Aragorn’s last and desperate attempt to divert the Enemy from its true demise.”
  • Two capstone resource dungeons that can be played in both solo and fellowship modes in the Towers of the Teeth.
  • An expansion of our Flora system, reputation barter items, and more

  • “For a long time our community has been able to follow the path of the characters and events that Tolkien wrote, but soon we will begin focusing on adventures that lie beyond the War of the Ring, with Aragorn seated upon the Throne of Gondor. New heroes will need to take up the mantle, and those heroes will be the players.”
  • Releasing a new Producer’s Letter shortly that will outline our plans for 2017.
  • Update 20, then focus on 10th Anniversary.
  • Mordor expansion for Update 21.
  • "We are aiming to have a new race, the High Elf, released with Update 21."
  • "Update 22 will round out the year, but at this point, we’ll keep its contents under wraps."
  • "We also want to update our character avatars to make them even better looking."


  • UPDATE 20 – Wastes and Black Gate | 2 resource dungeons (Towers of the Teeth)
  • 10th Anniversary event
  • UPDATE 21 – Mordor | High Elf race
  • UPDATE 22 - ?


MMO Central interview

Focus on Mordor
"I am a servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the flame of Anor. You cannot pass."
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