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Spring festival is the most "eventful" festival in LotRO, especially for new folks like our coursers. It has truckloads of activities and rewards. I just tried to fabricate an organised list of those activities, for easier read than the wikis.

There are the festival-shared events (which are active at every season).
Dances - during the festival seasons you can learn 8 dances for free, which is great for concerts and for other roleplay events. (the other route is to buy them from the Store, but learning them is more fun - and also free). There's a Dance leader at every race's festival area, and a dance lesson is held every 20 minutes. If you stumble, you can try again after a short wait, but if you're successful and learn a dance, there's a daily cooldown for that Dance leader. So if this is your first festival, you need at least 2 days to learn all the dances.
Horse Race - there are two horse-race tracks (one near to our kinship neighborhood in the Shire, and one in Bree). During festivals an NPC goes there, and offers a quest to race against the timer. It's a quick and easy way to get some xp and festival currency (spring leaves for the current festival). Most times it's optional, but Spring is unique in this matter, you need to race on both tracks if you want to earn the festival title (Spring Dandy). You can only race if you can ride - hopefully all the classmates already grabbed a giveaway key with the free riding skill :)
Another seasons-shared activity is the Inn League / Ale Association fun, but to be honest, I'd suggest to skip that. It's a long one, much easier for higher level players, and needs plenty of time and/or lots of help.

So, after logging in the first time after the Spring launch, there's an auto-bestowed quest about the Spring (and also Hobnanigans is still on, you can use that map item too, they're mostly at the same spot). If you use the Spring map, you'll be teleported to the Man festival area, next to the Maze. (you can find the race track and the dance leader a bit to the west from the Maze)
Maze - you can take many quests at the entrace. Two of them are guiding quests for other locations, the rest are for the activities in the Maze. Maze is a good place for getting lost, so don't panic, just dive in and have fun, getting lost is the point of those quests (you need to find lost elves, chickens, placing false signs for the mischievous dwarf, running through the Maze as fast as you can, etc). An advice, leave the beer-drinking quest for later, it's tough enough for wading through the Maze the normal way, you don't need to wake up in different parts of it all the time with a hangover... :) Rewards are spring leaves, plus if you slap the terrible tweens running rampart inside the Maze, you get a red gift box. Detail it on the next one:

Bree main square (at the Boar fountain) - the next activity starts here, with Bree's local shy loverboy. You need to pick flowers for him. Lots of flowers. It's easy, especially if you're at least level 25 so the boars, wolves and stuff are all grey. I've heard about a lady who used to "outsource" this quest for her daughter :) since all you need to do is running around the fields and picking flowers. You can barter the flowers for a Jester steed (with matching sound effect), or gift boxes (red/blue/green). Those have random cosmetics, can drop the Jester steed too, and can give a few housing items. All boxes have the same item list, the colour only affects a few different outcomes (for example red box has pink wall paint, while blue has sky-blue wall paint). At first you need to do some lead-in quests however, telling you where can you find the flowers, bringing a boquet to the dreaded Cat lady of Bree, etc.

Dwarves have no fun this time (except learning the two dwarven dances of course), they're still too tired from the previous event's Beer Brawl :)

So next stop could be the Elf festival area in Duillond (north from Celondim, can take a stable route to get there). They have a massive shrew problem there... the surrounding quests are either decorating the area (more flower picking...) or trying to find solutions onto the shrew issue. The hobbit questline is hilarious, definitely worths checking :)
Until a proper solution is found, there's a frequent shrew stomping session, every few minutes during the whole event. That's the main activity of the Spring, if you need some quick leaves for a neat cosmetic item, this is where you need to be. With good skills and some luck, can earn an easy 25-30 leaves per hour, and there's no daily limit. (the most expensive items like the new steed have a price of 40 leaves. Shrews are generous indeed.)
The Elf dance instructor is there as well, outside the shrew-infested garden.

What's left is the Shire. The race track is near our home, the dance learning is at the Party Tree. However, the Spring event is up in the north, in Brockenborings. Not sure about Tolkien ever mentioned any link between northern Shire and Ireland, but hobbit Spring there is all about clovers, taverns, green beer, and drunken fence running :) Rewards are also clover patch for the house, green hat with clover, green beer and green beer tankard, etc.
Hint, the northern and southern route are for masochists only, no extra rewards for that and not needed for the deed either. It's up to you whether you waste your keyboard's integrity on those quests... yes, those are THAT hard.
I almost finished the northern one once, after several hours of try. The south one... as the hobbit NPCs used to say: "Terrible, just terrible..."
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