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#11014662 May 05, 2015 at 06:36 AM
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I joined the course a bit late, but will be catching up. And now I´m in LotRO and your kin too. If I´m still welcome?

I have played LotRO over five years and have many characters at Laurelin. My main is a hobbit warden, Thritran Kelohonka, and she is the chief of finnish kinship called Iltaruskon Vartijat. One of the most active finnish kins that there is.

Wanted to make a new character just for this, so here is my elf runekeeper Rannith.

Irl - I´m 35, living in middle of Finland, working as a youthleader. I love gaming, LotRO is my thing, but I play also other MMOs and many other games (Heroes of Might and Magig 3, League of Legends, Minecraft etc.). I joined the course because I love this game, and I huge fan of Tolkien and also love old literature. Just havent study anything like that before.

I hope this will be nice adventure. I want to learn new things and get new friends. :)
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