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#11003026 May 02, 2015 at 07:24 AM
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Greetings everyone.

I've played LotRO for some time and ponder the relation between the game and the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings books quite a lot (not so much the movies, as Tolkien's tales are very much the Books to me). The course I joined to improve my understanding of these matters, and also from a general interest in how tales may be transformed into games.

I have also played WoW and EVE Online (MMOs) and before that, MUDs, and before that paper-dice-and-pencil Dungeons and Dragons.

I am part of the Hobbit community on Laurelin and a lot of my ingame time is spent on purely social activities. I do adventure, and I do this with others at times, but I rarely raid and have no particular interest in leveling fast - indeed I could hardly care less about the "Endgame", for me the journey is the game.

Also I do not particularly enjoy being in an overpowered Fellowship just rushing through an instance speed-slaughtering everything and not taking time to talk or enjoy the setting.

Haquetia is a young Hobbit from Haysend (mentioned in chapters 5 & 6 of Fellowship of the Ring), and her (meager) backstory is that the traditional family occupation is protecting the Hedge against the queerness of the Old Forest.

I like to set my own goals and the current goals for Haquetia are, first, to see how much I can accomplish at level 7 and second, to attain the summit of Weathertop at as low a level as possible (and without a much-higher-leveled escort).

People tell me I can be very chatty, I love to talk when I'm not too tired. Those who are new here (either to LotRO or to Laurelin), feel free to ask for assistance; there are no dumb questions.
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#11003339 May 02, 2015 at 09:24 AM
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Greeting Haquetta

I think you have come to the right place. No one here rushes around slaughtering things. We slaughter beer and poetry at a pretty steady rate and like to have fun.

I love the social activities and I am more interested in if I can get a nice pony to go with my outfit than slaughtering things. I like collecting pictures as well although my burrow now doesn't have enough wall space for all of them.

I played WOW as well and Aoin and a few other games. I only play LOTRO now. Unfortunately the course has arrived right in the middle of a particularity busy period for me work and family wise. But I hope to pop in from time to time.

My Elf is Amaradel and my hobbit (picture) is Brhami.
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#11053279 May 15, 2015 at 08:15 AM
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Just to tell folks I had to change my surname, which is now Haystack.

Apparently it's not allowed to use LotR place names as (sur-)names, which I discovered when attempting to register the surname Haysend with the Notary in Michel Delving.
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