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This one is not Laurelin limited but still needs to be mentioned. The LOTRO wiki provides detailed information on the game. From regions to quests, items and recipes you can find anything on there.

Laurelin Archives

Great community where you can sign up and create a profile for your character. The archives provide webspace for your artwork and screenshots, as well as stories. They offer an event calendar (our local calender gets updated with it) and a news section. They have a great database with kinships signed up including our kinship: Course of the Ring


Shire related magazine. They offer an event calendar (our local calendar gets updated with it), a news and art section and cooking recipes.


Course of the Ring on Facebook

Coursera on Laurelin Facebook Page

There is a closed group for the Laurelin Server on Facebook, too. I will try to provide a link once I am accepted into the group.
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