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I thought it'd be nice to write a quick theater summary for the festival, since not everything is self-explanatory there. It's a fun place to be, not to mention it gives an easy 60 TP per character, which is a nice gift for simply having fun.

There's a daily quest (attend at the performance) from the hobbit lass in front of the theater. (btw. it's G.L.O.B.E. theater, with dots. Not to mistake it with a similar named theater of a spear-shaking fella, this one is the abbr. of Green Lilly Orators, Bards, and Entertainers, director is Mr. Bill Shakesburrow. Khm. Lol)
Attending means simply being inside the theater when the curtains closing. You can see a lot of players actually who are doing other festival activities, and only hopping in for the end of a performance, to get the daily tokens for the quest. But not us (at least not in the beginning :) ), we're there for a reason!

First of all, that daily quest, just like all daily quests in Frostbluff, does not exclude you from participating an event if you're done it once that day. So even after the quest completion you can still play the theater (or the food race, the snowball fights) as many times as you want. You won't get additional tokens from it, but all the deeds attached to the activity will advance. If there's a dedicated audience (or a group for snowballs for example), just take the chance and play the activity a few more times for the deeds; especially since (based on previous years' experiences) toward the end less and less folks are showing up for those. And if there isn't enough players, the activity won't start.

Ok, enough of the background. Let's say a performance just ended, that way it's easier to cover the whole cycle.
When you enter the theater, there's a hobbit, selling (and bartering, but we'll cover that later) flower petals and rotten fruits. Buy a bunch of those (it's cheap), you'll need them. Then just wait inside, until the curtains open and a hobbit announcer will say 3 more minutes to the show, and that they need a few volunteers because some of their actors are missing. The key point here is when that 3 minutes is over, 3 random players will be selected and teleported backstage. If you want to play a role, you need to be there (meaning you can leave the theater, taking some quests, delivering the keg for example, just get back inside when the 3 minutes is up).
If there's no 3 valid players inside (since if you don't want to be selected just throwing stuff at the actors, you can go /afk, AFK players are skipped from the selection by the game), the hobbit goes back, and will try it a few minutes later.

The three selected lucky players can stroll around backstage, talking with the other hobbits, actors and supporting workers, there's even the Prof. Tolkien-hobbit, Ronald Dwale, writing a play :) Which role will be played by which player is also a random pick by the game.
During that time the audience (the not selected players in the theater) have a few minutes, they can go out for some other activities, or stay inside and watch / listen the director Mr. Shakesburrow. He begs the audience's pardon since they can't perform the announced play (because of the missing actors), they will perform an another one instead, with less actors needed, "The Curious Disappearance of Mad Baggins". It's a bit altered and odd version of Bilbo's disappearance, where an evil dwarf, teamed up with mischief-maker Gandalf makes Bilbo disappear, so they can take their hands on Bag End's treasures. :)

Then the performance, and with it the fun starts. The three players are on the stage, playing the random roles of Bilbo, Gandalf, and a Partygoer. All 3 has a supporting actor, helping them and telling when it's time to perform. Performing is about selecting the audience, then doing an emote. Any emote the player want. Based on the story, the role, and the current situation it will result either a good, or a bad performace effect. (for example playing /angry as Bilbo when he needs to greet the guests is a bad performance, but playing the same /angry as Gandalf when talking about their evil plan is a good performance). The audience's job is to throw flowers to the actor when s/he is good, and throwing rotten fruit when bad :)

Pretty much that's it, but how will it net you TPs? Well, you need to parttake on both sides, there's 30 TP from the audience, and 30 TP from the stage.
Throwing flower has a 3-tiered deed, all tiers giving 5 TP each, 15 total.
Throwing fruit also has a 3-tiered deed, all tiers giving 5 TP each. Sadly bad performance is less common, people used to play their role nicely. So if you're on stage, be kind and occasionally do some bad performances :)

Even more so, because it's also a deed:
as an actor, if you perform 2 or more bad emotes, you get the title Laughing stock and get 5 TP.
if you perform good, title Star of the Show, and 5 TP.
if you play the role of Bilbo, title Protagonist and 5 TP.
if Gandalf, the title Villain, and 5 TP
and if the Partygoer, you get the title Extra, and 5 TP.
Sadly, as I mentioned above, the role is totally random, and it's behind an another random pick. You need to get selected, and then you need to get a role you don't have yet. It can take some time... Also need to mention, you only get the deed, when playing through the play. If you leave earlier, you don't get it.
Maybe you noticed, that the stage part has only 25 TP so far and I wrote 30. If you manage to play all three roles, you get an additional title, Thespian, and 5 more TP.

Since it's totally random, and it's a festival for having fun and not the place for grind and luck, let's go back to the hobbit with the flowers and fruits. I wrote I'll cover the barter part later, well, from him you can barter the actor titles (and TPs) for festival tokens. If you are not selected for a role during the whole festival, on the last few days you still can barter those missing titles with this hobbit.

Ouch, that's long... sorry, I wanted to be thorough :)
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Plus if you play all 3 roles AND finish tier 3 petals and fruit AND getting the Star of the Show and Laughing Stock tiltles you get the title The Bard and 5 TP

The complete Azaband has this title now :D
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#10425989 Dec 18, 2014 at 09:19 AM
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Yeah, I skipped Bard because it seem to be broken. (on my main I randomly have it, there are characters who've done everything and don't have Bard, and also have characters who bartered for some titles and still received Bard. One of my non-bard characters I was lucky enough to play all 3 roles during this 2 days since the festival launched, and not receiving Bard.)

And also skipped it, because first-timer theater players hopefully will finish all deeds, so either got the Bard as an extra gift, or if it's bugged, at least they won't miss it - oops, we're passed that with these posts :)
#10426086 Dec 18, 2014 at 09:42 AM
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Ah ok
Well all I can say is that all 4 Aza's are firsttimers on the Laurelin-yule-event and all 4 of them got the title with no problems :P
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#10426415 Dec 18, 2014 at 11:04 AM
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The first time I got in after the patch, I ended up as Bilbo and I had no clue what to do....earned many rotten apples. haha
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