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Riding Skill Options
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Perizota -COMMUNITY TA·from Coursera 2014 updated this helpful post, originally posted by Sergio Bahr from the previous class.

This is for new to LOTRO and Free to play (f2p) students.

You CAN explore Middle Earth on foot, but it takes a long time. Lucky for us there is an option for F2P players to get your riding skill at the LOTRO store using in-game currency (of sorts) called Turbine Points or TP.

You need 95 TP to get your riding skill at the store and then you can buy your first horse, or if there is a festival running, you can get a horse for almost nothing.

How do you get Turbine points?
Once you are out of the introduction area, you start completing your first quests and engaging your first critters. Every once in a while, a notification will let you know a Deed has been assigned to you.

There are exploration Deeds that involve finding particular points in the maps, for example:

In the Shire: discover 6 Farms of the Shire (particular farms, not just any farm).

In Ered Luin: Places of the Elves (find 5 Elven ruins) / places of the Dwarves (find 5 Dwarf locations).

Exploration deeds will normally give you 5 TP.

Then there are Slayer deeds. As the name implies it consists on slaying x number of a particular beastie or creature: wolves, crebain, orcs, goblins etc. Slayer deeds have 2 tiers. The first one nets you 5 TP and the second one 10 TP, for a total of 15 TP.

Then there are questing deeds. Complete x amount of quests in an area, get tp. In Ered Luin: complete 10 quests gives you 10 points, and so on.

How can I get TP faster?
Your best bet is to form a group (Fellowship in Lotro, nice huh?) with a higher level character who can then help you get your slayer deeds. This can turn a 1hr grind into a 10 minute breeze. Many people in the Coursera chat channel will be willing to help you if this is what you would like to do. If you want to do it by yourself, or with a group of people your level, that is great also.

I have 95 TP, now what?

Well, now you go into the game Store (bottom right corner) and purchase the riding skill. And now you can get a horse and move around MUCH faster.

Note from Ama - For a small investment you can get the riding skill, an extra bag and a horse for each of your characters with Samwise Gamgee's Starter Pack. I bought this for under nine euros. It means that all my characters have a horse from a very early level.
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