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FAQ about kinship houses and chests will appear here.
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Kinship House and chests.

Our kinship house is located at 4 Brookbank St., Butterbottle, Shire Homesteads. The housing chest has cosmetics and dyes available for all kin-members to borrow and use. The kinship may be accessed by officers only; please ask one if would like something.

Please return clothing after you have cosmetically equipped it so that it remains in the chest for your kin-mates to share.

Additionally, some members have generously opened their homes and chests to all kin-mates. Items in these chests are available to freely take and use. You may leave your own unwanted items there for other players to use. All these houses are located in the same neighbourhood as the kinship house (Butterbottle).

This is a work in progress. Chest use and places may change.

Click the box for a map of the Kinship chests, click again to make it bigger.

Crafting ingredients: Champlin's house at 2 Wending Way.

Crafting recipes: Serattil's house at 1 Chalk Road.

Food, beer and potions: Brhami's house at 2 Harrow Road.

Armour, jewelry, pockets: Celge's house at 6 Chalk Road.

Furniture, Music, Cosmetics : Olivia Gardener's house at 2 Myrtle Close

Weapons: Laog's house at 2 Pleasant Street.

Help us pay the rent! :) All kinship members can contribute to maintenance by opening the Character screen, clicking "House", and then clicking the Maintenance tab under the listing for the kinship house.
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