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#9915758 Aug 23, 2014 at 04:26 AM
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I voted for Yes, and staying in the kin too, obviously, but I'd like to detail it a bit, because that poll option sounds way more optimistic than the reality - at least in my case 8) So let's split that question into parts:

- Will I play LotRO? Definitely. I play it since years, and have no intentions to stop. However... I won't be playing this frequently, at least in the following couple of months - I play several other games too, and this 2 months were almost exclusively LotRO for me, so I start to miss other worlds, like Hyboria (Age of Conan). Also for the last assignment I went back to Neverwinter and its Foundry, and though in the end I made only the essay because I couldn't make a playable remediation good enough for my standards, I must admit Neverwinter has its pull on me too :) The newest module went live recently, with a new class... it's hard to resist, I haven't played it since February...
-In short, I will play LotRO, just on a smaller scale in the next few months.

- Will I play on Laurelin, with Ser? Well, Ser is on an account I've made for the course, but even my main account has only a few characters on Laurelin, mainly for the player events. Some of those events are also hobbit or dwarf preferred ones, I can't go to those with Ser, just with my other characters... But. I have obligations with Ser, has a house I need to maintain, a chest I need to fill with recipes and mats for kin members - and also Ser is higher level than my festival characters, so for a few events he's a better fit than them.
-In short, I will play with Ser, on a smaller scale, like mentioned above. I'll try to log in with him at least every 1-2 weeks, and maybe for some playtime too. And the kin page is bookmarked, I will check that frequently, and if there's a kin event, I try to attend.

- Will I play the next course? Absolutely :D I try to organise things so I can have a lighter load at around next January and I'll be in game and on the forum the same amount I was during the present course (I hope I wasn't too much to bear). Also I plan to make Ser's account into a VIP one by that time, for my own convenience, f2p is pretty limited compared to my good ol' account :)

It was an amazing 2 months, thank you all for the fun! See you in game - or at least on the next course, if I'll be a rare guest in Ser's shoes during the Fall.
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#9920795 Aug 24, 2014 at 12:05 PM
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I will also stay!

I hope I won't be banned again :P

I will also stay for the next course then obviously. I have done the course twice now, so I may be a bit of a help I hope.

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