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Coursera Welcome Party!

Date: Jun 19, 2016
Time: 01:00 PM
Posted by: Celge Evensong
Dear all,

I would like to announce our kinship welcome party!

We will meet on Sunday, June 19th 2016 at our kinship house on Laurelin, Butterbottle neighbourhood, Shire.

We will start at around 1 pm server time (6 pm British summer time, 7 pm CEST).

See you all in game!



Unfortunately this weekend is kind of booked for me, except the very evenings... I hope I'll catch at least the end of the fun :)
I wanted to start a little earlier just in case that there are some people from a different time zone. I hope to see you on sunday. :D
6pm will be middle of tea time for me, I'll turn up as soon as I can after eating :)
I *may* be able to make 6pm now, just depends on if I have company at tea time or not. If not, I'll be there and eat later :D
Hiya, are there any officers about who could log into LOTRO atm? We have some new people wanting to join the Coursera kin doing the course :)
Sorry I was not there last night Ranatuor. I was on from 2 until about 7:30-8:00 (Paris time). I wil certainly be there later today for the party, as will Celge and some of the other members of the Kinship.
I have to apologize once again. After promising to connect this evening I didn't make it home until now. My very good friend and neighbor had to have her aged dog euthanized this morning. Needless to say I went to her straight from work to comfort her and to help her bury the dog. I have only just come home so I am going to have something to eat and call it a night.
As long as no other RL catastrophes happen I will connect after work tomorrow.
Good night everyone
This is very terrible. I hope your neighbour feels a bit better now that you comforted her. :(
Good morning Celge. Yes she does feel better. She had the dog for 14 years and it had a very good life. We know that lives will end before ours but knowing doesn't prepare us enough.
Off to work now. See you all later in game I hope.
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