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The Tolkien Reading Days

Date: Feb 13, 2019 - switch instance
Posted by: Celge Evensong
Category: RP Events
Tolkien Reading Days

(This drawing was created by the lady Alassea Earello -a Tolkien-illustrator of great skill- especially for this event: to summarize artistically its ethos and to serve as its representative picture)

Come in the heart of the Tolkien fandom in The Lord of the Rings Online and immerse yourself in the epic writings of J.R.R. Tolkien and of other people's original works based on the magical, mythical world of Middle-earth.

Time: a day and night of each Thursday.
Location: in a hidden server-wide channel, as written and linked below.

Event details:
The Tolkien Reading Day (or TRD in short) event in LotRO is a dedicated day to the renowned works of J.R.R.Tolkien and Middle-earth original creations of other people. It occurs every week (and has done so for more than a year thus far) on the Laurelin server in a communication-channel: in the Arda Channel (which is a title and not its true name). Therein the memory of many fair things is written ever since it was created and the TRD started.

On every TRD there is the Main Reading (a lengthy read) usually from the books by the founder or by others that want to do some story-telling. Also, original Middle-earth inspired works may be shared such as: songs, poems, riddles, tales, character backgrounds, essays, music, and art. These may be seen on any day, but on a Thursday it would be more prefered. So come to share, discuss, seek counsel, or just to listen everything about Arda and its people.

Though this event is meant for a whole day, from the begining of the morning till the very coming of the following one (your local time), so that all may have a good experience no matter where one is in the world, the talk is not unceasing​ and quietness has its fair share; yet still, much more about Arda one may read on that day in that channel wherein this event occurs than anywhere else in LotRO.

All those who wish to just listen are indeed more than welcome to join, but bear in mind that what is shared during these reading days relies heavily on the people's participation; and though I/we desire your angagement, no pressure should be felt to take part in this way for even the silent and shy folk contribute after their own manner. Feel at ease.


Short commentary of others regarding this event:

''Rekindled my joy in the magical world of Tolkien, and deepened my understanding of it.''

''What is most wonderful for me is that nobody has ever made me feel small for knowing so little and that means a great deal to me''

''I often sit by the fire with a cup of tea and a muffin on Tolkien Reading Day and enjoy an evening of tales and adventures - it is a warm cozy feeling, and a lovely way to enjoy the wonderful world of Tolkien - Thank you kindly!''

''I always look forward to questing on those days-- nothing makes it a little less tedious like a good tale."

OOC details:
As one may very well understand this is not a role play event; yet role players can benefit much from it due to all the lore that is shared and talked about, or indeed even studied sometimes especially for rp matters. Also, it is good to know that in Character talk may be seen sometimes by a few but it is not to be taken seriously as it is done for practise or mere amusement.

As for all the good folk from other servers that read this, do not despair! For though indeed you may have crossed many mountains and many rivers and trodden many plains for a long while in your realm and therefore may falter to start all over again on another server, you need not to be a high level in order to join for this event, as it occurs in a server-wide chat-channel (which can be joined even from the intro). And in that hidden channel you may find joy and content the like of which you might have never had before in the game. There are no gulfs between us, nay; not in distance at least -for one can get to another server swiftly- but rather in our choices. Do not be devided from your kindred! Come and I/we shall welcome you as our long sundered kinsfolk.


Step over into a welcoming and mature community of helpful and kindly manners, and there be in a place that is not anywhere else in the game: in the heart of Tolkiendom in The Lord of the Rings Online.

Music by Hans Zimmer

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Contact: Erennor here on Laurelin Archives or in-game (mail, if not online) to learn how to join; but first -as is the tradition- it would be wise and prudent to learn about the Arda Channel, for as has been told in the start of this page that is where the Tolkien Reading Day event occurs.


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