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Forum administration

I currently have a problem adding pictures to events in the calendar. Is anyone familiar with this problem?
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Instance Help

Hello everyone - I recently accepted the Red Pass Instance as a Solo but then cancelled it - now Radagast is only offering me the Fellowship Instance! Can anyone tell me how to get the Solo one back OR would anyone be willing to arrange a time to ...
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Lorabess6230Small Seratil 2y
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Can't keep up with chat? Use multiple windows.

If you use the default settings for chat, you will miss a lot as it just scrolls past you. Here's how I deal with it, YMMV.About a quarter of my screen is chat windows.In the upper window is Kinchat and the coursera channel. Below that is /say and...
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Convince me!

Hi thereWith all the talk about transferring EU servers back to the EU (the Netherlands: yeah!) and the free character transfers that come along with that, I'm thinking of moving all my 23 (!) chars from Gilrain to Laurelin......Should I do that a...
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Do you need help? Maybe our FAQ section can answer your question. Comments are locked on the FAQ section as it's purpose is to be a list of answers rather than questions.If you don't find your answer there then don't hesitate to ask either here or...
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